Throwback Thursday!

Here are the movies and tv shows I use to watch when I was younger. I loved barbie life in the dream house and would watch it almost every day.

I use to watch Mickey mouse club house. I would watch this mostly when I was four and five.

I also use to watch Phineas and Ferb. I watched this mostly when I was six, sometimes I watch it now when I have nothing else to watch.

I would watch Bubble Guppies, I would watch this when I was four and five.

Lastly I would watch looney toons. I would watch this when I was six, seven and eight. I really liked looney toons because there is many different characters so it doesn’t get boring. I thought it was so funny when I use to watch it.

My dream bedroom!

It would be really cool to decorate your own bedroom because you could have all the things you want. I could have all the things I like and there wouldn’t be anything I wouldn’t like. My absolute must have would be a huge closet that is in barbie.

My second must have would be a huge tv like the ones in the theaters.

My third must have would be a huge bed. This would be amazing to have because you could have so much room. If you got hot on one part of the bed then you move over and you would be cold.

My amazon favorites room edition!


  1. BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 – RGB LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Lighting, Nebula Lamp (Blue Stars, Smart App) 

This make your room like super cool and colorful.

2. DAYBETTER Led Lights Color Changing Led Strip Lights with Remote Controller 60ft, 2 Rolls of 30ft Led Lights for Bedroom, Home Decoration  This goes good with number 1 and makes your room more fancy.

3. A full body mirror looks great in your room and you can see what you look like.PexFix Full Length Mirror, Rectangle Floor Mirror Full Body Mirror Aluminum Alloy Frame Wall Mirror Hanging Leaning Standing Mirror 59″ x 20″ – Black

4. PARTY JOY 86.4FT 960Leaves Artificial Ivy Leaf Plants Vine Hanging Garland Fake Foliage Flowers Home Garden Office Wedding Room Bedroom Kitchen Patio Wall Decor

This makes your room look peaceful and cute.

5. MINI ZOZI 12 inch Blank Vinyl Records Fake 10 Pieces in 1 Pack for Indie Aesthetic Room Decor or Home Decor on Wall for Bedroom or Living Room Discos Music Studio Hip Hop Decorative Purpose It makes your room super cute and special.

6. 60Pcs Photo Collage kit for Wall Aesthetic Picture 4×6 Inch | Boho Peach Aesthetic Room Decor for Bedroom Aesthetic | Photo Collection Collage Dorm Decor for Teen Girls | Wall Art Beach Collage This makes your wall have something on it so it doesn’t look plain.

7. Vansky Motion Activated Bed Light, Flexible LED Strip Motion Sensor Night Light Bedside Lamp Illumination with Automatic Shut Off Timer (Warm Soft Glow) This is perfect if you are afraid of the dark and want a little bit of light.

8. HSOMiD Flexible Wooden Hand Model Moveable Wooden Artists Manikin Hand Figure 10 Inches Right Hand Model for Sketching Drawing Painting Home Office Desk Decoration(10 Inch Right Hand) This is perfect to put your rings and bracelets on if you need to.

9. Introducing Amazon Fire TV 50″ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV This is good if you want to stay in your room and watch movies.

10. Digital Alarm Clock, 6.6″ Large Mirrored LED Clock with Dual USB Charger Ports | Easy Snooze Function | 3 Adjustable Brightness Suitable for Bedroom Home Office (White) A clock is good to have in your room so you can check the time and set alarms.

About my name!

My name is Emri. I like it because not a lot of people have it and it is spelled differently than a lot of people would spell it. My name means brave, powerful and a ruler. My parents named myself Emri because they just liked the name and liked it better spelled Emri instead of Emery. My mom had some people in her high school named Emri and she liked it.